Top 3 Benefits of Food Safe Paper

Whether reaching for your baconeggandcheese at the bodega, picking up a takeaway sandwich at lunch, or sharing something at a cafe, food safe paper is a reliable way to serve food to your customers. Convenient, hygienic, and stylish, we’ve rounded up the top 3 reasons why ordering food safe paper for your restaurant or cafe is a must-have.

  • Content

A close up of a Sonnyboy appetizer in a bowl lined in food safe paperA close up of a Moonburger hamburger wrapped in red and white food safe paperWith many discovering new cafe’s in a “fast scroll” setting like social media, you may be thinking: in a social sea of enticing dishes, how will your cafe stand out from the rest? Wrapping up a sandwich to-go or adding a sheet of food safe paper underneath with your identity is a way that your food will be associated without ever having to click away to see where it’s from - instantly connecting your dish with your cafe. Aside from the shareability aspect on social media, these slips of food safe paper can benefit the staging of the dish being served, as well. Not to mention, a simpler clean-up after too!

  • Environment

Imagine you’ve just ordered a pizza from your favorite pizza spot. While the cheese and sauce is favorable to enjoy on the pizza, did you know that if the box is soiled in grease, the entire box may not get recycled? By adding a sheet of Food Safe Paper beneath the pizza, you’re increasing the chance that it can be properly recycled once you’re done. Together, we can save the box! :)



  • Operations 

If you’re a QSR (quick service restaurant) or cafe, you can be familiar with the lunch rush of hungry customers. If you’re dishing out sandwiches that are relatively the same size, cut sheets of Food Safe Paper can benefit your team members by reaching for a pre-cut sheet that you know will suit the sandwich and can quickly move on to the next customer. With an MOQ of 5,000 sheets, packed in one case, it is also far easier to store than the additional packaging you would instead need, such as plastic containers and easier than having to assemble coordinating tops and bottoms. If unique shapes, like cuts of meat,  are more of what you’re looking for, our butcher rolls may be more suitable for your needs. These are also made of a sturdier material for ultimate transportation. When it comes to food safe paper, go with the smallest sheet for your needs, as the price will be lower per square inch.

Whether you’re using it for customers dining in your cafe, or those on-the-go, food safe paper is a key ingredient to wrap up orders for your business.