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CMYK vs Spot Color Printing

Two of the most common printing styles are with Spot Colors and CMYK. Previously, we discussed in this post, spot colors refer to a single solid color to print with. A print job can have multiple spot colors. Usually spot colors are printed using the Pantone (PMS) color system that allows for consistent color outcomes across various orders. 

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Make an Impression with Letterpress Printing

Letterpress is a printing technique used to create a 3D impression on paper. With letterpress printing, when you pass your fingers over the art, you’ll physically feel the design. It uses an inked, raised plate, pressed against paper. It’s often used in the production of high end invitations, business cards, notecards and for some retail packaging. You know, the ones that make you comment on how nice of a card it is when you’re holding it. Letterpress is printing that you can feel.

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What is Pantone and how can it help you find your perfect match?

If I were to ask you to “think of the color red”, your mind will bring up a mental image of what that color looks like. If I were to do the same exercise, my mind may bring up an entirely different color for what red looks like. This could be a great cause for error in printing and the world of design. Enter a solution: Pantone.

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What’s embroidery? And why it’s so popular with brands for creating apparel swag.

Embroidery is where designs and patterns are stitched onto fabric using a needle and thread or yarn. It is often used in creating ‘branded’ shirts, beanies, hoodies, hats or any cotton or poly fabric. It’s also used in creating design patterns on linens, drapery and towels. You know, the kind that makes grandma’s bathroom hand towels impossible to dry your hands with. 

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Where To Order: A Cup Of Cheer

Whether you’re drinking iced coffee all year round or get excited to switch to something warmer when the weather gets cooler, there’s a special buzz around seeing the holiday drinks hit the menus. Step aside, Starbucks, we’ve rounded up 5 cold weather drinks in New York that are practically the holidays in a cup.

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'Tis The Season in NYC

Fall is over and now we’re Fall-La-La-ing into the holiday season. We’ve gathered up a sort of check list of the best things to do, see, and taste in New York this winter.

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Colors to Provide in a Brand Identity Deck

We know you've spent time perfecting the colors for your client's brand deck. You've narrowed in on their notes for the perfect "cool blue" or "fun green" and are ready to deliver the final selections to your client. Let's talk about the things to do and things to avoid to streamline the process for these beautiful designs.

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