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Branded Must-Haves For The Hotel Guest

Whether a vacation or a staycation, enhance your guests home away from home. We’ve gathered up 4 customizable takeaways for your hotel so memorable that your guests may just pack them up to remind them of their trip long after they’ve gone home.

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Going Over Over/Under Policies

With some types of high speed production of printing ink on paper, it can take time to get your printed artwork ‘up to spec’ to where it looks good enough to be approved by the press operator. And this can take less or more time than anticipated. 

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Where To Order: A Cup Of Cheer

Whether you’re drinking iced coffee all year round or get excited to switch to something warmer when the weather gets cooler, there’s a special buzz around seeing the holiday drinks hit the menus. Step aside, Starbucks, we’ve rounded up 5 cold weather drinks in New York that are practically the holidays in a cup.

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'Tis The Season in NYC

Fall is over and now we’re Fall-La-La-ing into the holiday season. We’ve gathered up a sort of check list of the best things to do, see, and taste in New York this winter.

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Attention Matchbook Collectors:

Have you heard of the term, Phillumeny? If you’ve been someone who has snagged a matchbook on your way out of a restaurant for your collection, you might consider yourself a Phillumenist. Phillumeny is the hobby of collecting matchbooks or matchboxes with Phil coming from the Greek word for loving and Lumen coming from the Latin word for light. 

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You'll want to grab one of these on your way out

When selecting a spot for a night out with friends or for a date night, the selection process goes beyond the location but includes the crowd, music, and overall ambience of the place. Visiting these spots is part of the thrill that comes with dipping into the bowl at the host stand to grab a matchbox to add to your collection. This is the power that comes with having these small touchpoints at your bar or restaurant - they’re keepsakes of the amazing night they had. 

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