Branded Must-Haves For The Hotel Guest

Whether a vacation or a staycation, enhance your guests home away from home. We’ve gathered up 4 customizable takeaways for your hotel so memorable that your guests may just pack them up to remind them of their trip long after they’ve gone home.

Pens - Often not included in their luggage, your guests will thank you when they’re ready to start that travel journal and need a pen. Plus, small and transportable, they makes for a classic souvenir.

custom branded pens for hotels


Notepads -  Some of the best ideas come while you’re traveling. Whether your guests need to jot down meeting notes, plan their itinerary during their stay, or gathering everyone’s room service orders... talk about a blank slate! Plus, after check out, they can pack them to take home for that ‘out of office' mindset. 

custom branded notepads for hotels


Postcards - A classic memento for your guests to pick up while they’re traveling, there’s something nostalgic about selecting a postcard and mailing one home to loved ones for your guests to remind them of where they’ve stayed and the time they’ve had.

custom branded postcards for hotels, restaurants, and bars


Coasters - Cocktails in the hotel bar, drinks by the pool, differentiate between destinations with custom coasters for each. Plus, you can emphasize your hotel's branding in that Aperol Spritz photo your guests are going to take.

Custom coasters for hotels, bars, and restaurants


Ready to check them out before your guests check in?